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Maini Homer

If you are looking for information on what is SEO and how it works, we are glad you are reading this. You didn’t land here by coincidence. At the end of this article, you will understand the irony of your search question and how the search engines brought you here…

Congratulations on creating a wonderful website! Now you are ready to welcome visitors in their droves. However, what if no one finds your website? How will they ever know what you are offering? How do I SEO my website?

The first thing you want with your website is to rank…

Yes, people are still reading blogs, and the numbers are increasing every day. There are more than 600 million blogs that are active as of 2020.

Over 6 Million Blogs Currently Active… That’s a lot of writing going on!

Out of all the internet users, 77% read blogs regularly. More than 80% of travelers plan their travel with the help of travel blogs.

If you are here, you will definitely want to know: What is a blog, and How does it work?

A blog is an accumulation of different blog posts that are written by either a single author or a group of writers. A blog can have any number and types of…

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Relationships are important in life, not just in business. However, many people discount the utter importance of strong business relationships. Why is this do you think?

There are many reasons why people sometimes do not develop good relationships in their businesses. Perhaps, it’s because they don’t value their customers enough…

Cyprus is a beautiful island nation in the Eastern Mediterranean. With incredibly beautiful beaches and a gorgeous warm Mediterranean climate, it is fast becoming not only a popular place to holiday, but also an amazing place to invest.

With the Cyprus citizenship by investment program, it may be possible for…

Do you know the Best Way To Become Successful? Well that’s easy. It all comes down to the mindset you choose. That’s all it is too. It’s simply a choice you can make. You can either have the right mindset, or stay exactly where you are today and not grow.

Maini Homer — #1 International Best Selling Author of Lockdown Took My Income.

Just before we start with the step-by-step blueprint and easy to follow roadmap on how to start your own business today with little or no money down, I wanted to touch on the subject of mindset. Having the right
mindset in anything you do is the key to succeeding at…

#1 International Best Selling Book (Australia, USA And UK)

We are facing one of the biggest crises ever. So many around the world have been affected. They’ve lost their jobs, their businesses and their incomes. On March 23, I lost my clients too. Being a business and mindset coach, I was one of the first out the door. …

Maini Homer — Successful Business Woman and Digital Marketing Coach

I’ve actually written a book about this, so if you’d like a copy, click on the link below. In the meantime, here’s my top 10 Small Business Ideas for you.

My Number 1 in my top 10 small business ideas is:

Selling online on Ebay, or any other online platform…

Maini Homer

#1 International Best Selling Author. Business Owner for 23 Years. Created 13 Successful Businesses from scratch.

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